dinsdag 24 mei 2011

The Shoeless

Original move can be found here:

 The Shoeless

Take your shoes off and lay them near the bar.
Go to a hot girl, preferably not near your shoes.
Walk to her and compliment her, how nice her shoes are.
Don't forget to look a bit too obvious at her shoes.
She will most likely notice that you are only wearing socks.

Now there are 2 scenarios possible:
  • The why don't you wear shoes question?
Tell her you are making this a not cliche pick-up line.
And ask her if you can buy her a drink.
  • The where are your shoes question?
Tell her that your shoes are at the bar.
Ask her to come along and tell her you will buy her a drink.

And... yourin!

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10 opmerkingen:

  1. I prefere hot girl barefooted on bar than my shoes. Girls unsualy smell better, and look too!

  2. An "I like your shoes" comment.
    More to come soon!

  3. Such a good idea, but the bars in Newcastle, you stick to the floors in shoes, wouldn't like to think what socks would be like.