woensdag 25 mei 2011

The Sheen

Original move can be found here:

 The Sheen

This might be one of the hardest moves with the least preparation time. However it's probably also one of the most awesomest there is. IMPORTANT: This trick is all about attitude!

Go to a local bar with any erotic magazine. Just "read" it and look for some girls to make eye contact with. Now here starts the actual move. Once you made eye contact, ignore her but try to let her come to you.

When she comes after you (not if, but when) get ready for a "Meh... I don't care."
She will talk some rubbish, which neither of the parties will care for.
Respond with: "I don't care, you know what, perhaps if you can bring 6 other girls, a bottle of Scotch and some coke. Call me when you found your friends, here is my card!"

Just leave
And... yourin!

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Funny, but you will have to be wizard to pull this one off

  2. Pretty damn silly ! lol
    I might have to post a REAL pickup trick or two if you don't come up with something that works.