dinsdag 21 juni 2011


Original move can be found here:


Another quite difficult move! Just like Does this smell like chloroform? it might gets you behind bars!

So the original idea is to get the victim into a cab and then to drive into a river. We understand that this quite hard to achieve. Therefor we have create another way for the "victim" to get amnesia.

Hit the victim! Suddenly and hard! Until she is knock out!

After she has woken up, run in the same room as she is and say:
"Liz! Thank god! You are still alive! I came as fast as I could!"

Obviously she will not recognize you. Now tell her you are her husband/boyfriend. Show her that she is wearing the same ring as you are. Or that you have the same last name. Fake identification isn't that hard to get!

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  1. OH OH - you're veering into felony territory, here
    buddy - CAREFUL !