vrijdag 17 juni 2011

The Amazing read

Original move can be found here:

The Amazing read

As always walk to a hot girl.

Tell her you can "read" people.
Of course she will be a bit sceptical. Which makes it a perfect opportunity for you to impress her.

If you think it's possible; try to hold her hands without her freaking out. Stare deeply into her eyes and tell her things that may seem really specific but in fact are not.
Because this is such a "DIY-move" and we are bro's. We will share some of our lines with you.

"When you are on your own you're really silent however... when there is a conversation about a topic you like, you just have to share your opinion/view."
"You have quite some friends but only a few, 3-5 or so are really close."
"You have no idea how stunningly beautiful you are."
This will make her smile (guaranteed!)

"Your smile tells me you're shy. There is no need to be shy. I think you're beautiful"
After you are done "reading" her. Tell her you think that, that are wonderful characteristics (and perhaps offer her a drink.)

And... yourin!

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  1. There's this AWESOME book you need to read (you'll be dangerous as hell afterwards !) called Red Hot Cold Readings, by Dr. Tom Saville. It's all the tricks so-called "psychics" use to give "cold" readings - ones where they don't know anyone and have no "plant" in the audience.
    Amazing how many ways we think we're unique, when actually there are HUNDREDS of statements everyone agrees with, while thinking you're one of a kind.
    This is, incidentally, the secret of astrology - making the general seem specific.
    I have a copy if you can't find it anywhere.

  2. How sweet. Quite the nice break from the rather rapy ones you've posted so far